Victoria Lobach:

I’m dealt with development of design projects of apartments, houses, out of town cottages, offices, cafes, restaurants and others. I’ll help you to expose all your most secret fantasies and to inculcate in life the bravest of your creative ideas. Design for me is a very special kind of art which allows me to give you joy and comfort!

University technical education on speciality of “Computer sciences” and two artistic educations. I have been working in design more than 11 years from which 5 years I worked in “3D Khata” design studio. During this term I have done about 50 projects most of which have been finalized successfully.
Every year I take part in thematic seminars and visit specialized exhibitions...

... and I simply do like my work!

My opinion:

The main task of designer’s work is a creation of unique, holistic and quality organization of your interior. Creation of the space to fully portray your inner self, to expose your individuality in full measure and to be comfortable in all its demonstrations is a number one task for me.

Stages of work:

Development of design’s conception
Development of design-project
Photorealistic visualization
Detailed design (working draft)

On the stage of development of design’s conception the customer tells about his wishes and as a rule confirming them by illustrations from magazines and from Internet for better understanding as customer is not able always to formulate exactly his wishes “in words”. Taking into consideration all said above the designer works out several versions of conceptions.

When one of the proposed versions of the interior is chosen the next stage is starting which is the draft designing of design-project.
On this stage we propose some ideas dealing with the (re)planning, determining the style, location of furniture, placing the power units and plumbing equipment, selecting the finishing materials and also the color decisions are developed. Developed on this stage project is given to customer in the form of plans and drafts.

The next stage is a 3D modeling – the most effective instrument for visualization of architectural, landscape and interior projects. It’s an excellent way to introduce the project to customer in the form of its maximum approach to reality. Photorealistic quality of visualization of interiors allows to express as much as possible the ideas of designer’s in the future interior.

After all the aspects have been discussed and specified we can start the detailed design (working draft). The whole matter is represented in the form of working documentation, which can be used to conduct construction and repairing works. All the drawings are done according to the technical demands indicating dimensions, cross-sections and connections. Working documentation takes into consideration all the details which allow to introduce the project into life without constant presence of designer at the object (site).

Designer’s supervision as a rule is paid for separately. Its cost is calculated individually and depends of time spent on the project, square of the object etc. Supervision is done to conduct works according to the designer’s plan as the most precise drawings and visualization can’t always express all the nuances. Regular supervision is a guarantee of inculcation in life exactly the interior which had been conceived.

For irregular and unusual projects of public enterprises, such as clubs, boutiques, cafes and others it exists special discount which is discussible.